Live It Up With Mountain Life’s $10,000 Best Giveaway Ever


Mountain Life Media and Tourism Whistler’s Live It Up contest just might be the best giveaway on earth. Case in point: the prize package is worth $10,000, which includes a five-day trip for two (airfare included) to experience the best of the best of Whistler, during the 2015 World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

Take a look at the list of prizes – it should be clear why Live It Up is the best contest ever. But just to be sure, here are five more reasons.

  1. You get the VIP experience at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival (WSSF). Expect tons of spring skiing; a full itinerary of events, contests, and shows; and more parties than any single human can handle. See the amazing MULTIPLICITY up close and personal, and check out the festival’s main attractions — the Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown and the 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown.
  1. You’ll become somebody’s favourite person ever. You get to share you entire prize with a plus one: your best buddy, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your mom/dad, the person you just met on Tinder…
  1. Have you ever sabered a bottle of champagne? Have you ever taken shots from a bar made entirely of ice? Have you ever consumed $1,000 worth of food and drink in one sitting? That’s what I thought.
  1. Adrenaline. For five days, you’ll get a glimpse into what it’s like to be the world’s biggest rock star/ski bum — one who gets to bungee jump and look really awesome wearing flashy new gear while you ski. Just please don’t trash the hotel room 😉
  1. Finally, straight from the mouth of Mountain Lifer Todd Lawson, “because how often do you get to blow $10,000 of someone else’s money?”

The contest is on until March 1st, 2015, so tell all your friends from near and far. Our fingers are crossed for you, good luck!

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