Higher Learning — In This issue


“Regardless of what you think you know, the mountains can always teach you something new — about yourself, the world and the value of venturing as far from the cave as possible.” — excerpted from ‘Feet First’, page 15 of the new Higher Learning issue of Mountain Life, out now everywhere throughout the Sea to Sky region of BC. Here’s a teaser of what’s inside.

Hightide Manufacturing
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We talk with Gabe Langlois and Akasha Weisgarber of Pemberton-based Hightide Mfg, a new boutique snowboard company making boards right here in BC. Gabe and Kashi talk about the trials of building and designing a board press from scratch as well as the unique and creative board shapes they are finally able to test out and bring to market. Check out this video to see what they’re talking about. Maybe your next board should be “handmade with machines in BC”.

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Hand Building a Machine from Hightide Mfg on Vimeo.

Flow of the Fedchenko

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Whistler adventurer Vince Shuley pens a feature about a massive 28-day traverse along Tajikistan’s Fedchenko Glacier with a small group of Sea to Sky skiers. That’s 28 days of dragging everything in your life behind you on a sled and hunkering through massive storms in flapping tent with only Moby Dick for company. The trip was definitely a learning experience (avalanche!!) and Vince is currently working day and night on a short film about it to be premiered at the Mountain Life’s winter-isse launch party on November 22, 2014 at the GLC in Whistler. He has completed a trailer though, and here it is:

Film Studies: Snowman
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Mike Douglas is generally considered the Godfather of freeskiing (he was instrumental in bringing the first mass-produced twin tip skis to market and has too many film and media accomplishments to list) but for the few years he’s spent most of his time making short films and overseeing the groundbreaking Salomon Freeski TV webseries. For 2014 MD is stepping things up with his first feature-length documentary. SNOWMAN is a story about friendship, skiing, avalances and life in the mountains. In the new Higher Learning issue of Mountain Life: Coast Mountains we spent a day with Douglas and his crew as they dialed in some of the film’s more compelling effects sequences (a helicopter crash is a tricky thing to re-enact). SNOWMAN is set to premier at the Whistler Film Festival in early December but the just-released trailer is right here for your viewing pleasure.