The Epic Journey to Greenland’s Rytterknaegten


They say it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

But in The North Face and Sherpas Cinema’s Mica to Greenland, the destination came first: Greenland’s Rytterknaegten. Lucas DeBari, a Mount Baker snowboard competition scenester turned mountaineer, saw a tiny, pixelated photo from Jim Zellers’ trip to Greenland and knew he had to check it out in person.


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That’s how Mica to Greenland begins. This relatively short film (only 22 minutes) follows Lucas as he aims to tackle his epic quest towards Rytterknaegten.

First up: some training with Johnny Collinson in Mica, BC. But despite fluffy powder and never ending pillows, even this stage of the trip didn’t go as planned. One fall almost ended Lucas’ journey before it even really began – luckily, it was only a close call.


The film follows Lucas and Johnny, now joined by Hilaree O’Neill and Ralph Backstrom, as they fumble their way through a ski film version of Trains, Planes and Automobiles. Ice-Breaking Boats, Dog Sled and Touring Gear might be a more appropriate title. And then, the weather challenges roll in. At one point, the crew is trekking through a valley with avalanches pouring down from the left and right; the ocean is literally creeping up beneath their feet as ice and snow start to give away. As Lucas puts it, “It’s like being at a candy shop, but all the candy is poisonous.”


Does the crew ever make it to the fabled Rytterknaegten? You’ll have to check it out yourself to find out. You can catch the film online – for free! – here, or better yet, check it out in person on The North Face Speaker Series tour. There’s a stop in Whistler on December 1 (Lucas, Hilaree, and Ralph will be presenting), followed by a show in Seattle and another in Costa Mesa. You can also whet your palate by checking out the trailer right here: