92% of Canadians want access to emergency services during outdoor adventures

On the eve what many forecasters are predicting will be a severe winter, being prepared with a vital line of communications can be a life-saving decision. According to a new Globalstar/Nielsen survey, when it comes to winter road trips and outdoor adventures, the majority of Canadians agree it is important to have a back-up communications plan:

  • 92% of Canadians say it is important to maintain 24/7 access to 9-1-1 emergency services.
  • 76% of Canadians say it is important to ensure a vital line of communication access for family, friends and co-workers.
  • 61% of Canadians say it is important to have a reliable, back-up communications plan to cellular.
  • 51% of Canadians say it is important to have GPS-based location tracking and messaging capabilities.


The SPOT Global Phone is the ultimate easy-to-use, lightweight handheld satellite phone, boasting bell-clear voice quality and the fastest data speeds in the industry. We tested it on two wilderness trips and it never let us down; as long as we were standing out in the open and away from large trees or cliffs, the reception was as clear and steady as a landline – and calls only dropped when we accidentally pointed the antennae down. Includes 911 emergency response, voicemail, internet access (with optional data kit), text messaging, and a long-lasting lithium ion battery with 4 hours talk time and 36 hours of standby.

Dave Taylor, a volunteer member of the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA), says: “This winter, SPOT can be an important part of trip planning and emergency preparedness for anyone considering outdoor adventures off-the-beaten track or in the back country. SPOT can tell others where you are with GPS accuracy even if you don’t know. And, with tracking mode enabled and a good trip plan in place, your GPS coordinates are plotted at pre-set intervals on a map so that even if you are unable to initiate a call for help, your last reported coordinates can be used as a starting point which can significantly reduce search times. Bottom line – carry an emergency communications device and file a trip plan.”

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SPOT products deliver reliable connectivity and GPS tracking solutions including:

  • SPOT Gen3™ (SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger) – a rugged and affordable GPS tracking device that provides on or off-the-grid messaging, emergency alerts, and GPS tracking.
  • SPOT Global Phone – an affordable satellite phone that allows users to make calls virtually anywhere, even beyond the boundaries of cellular.
  • SPOT Trace™ – a GPS tracking device which uses 100% satellite technology to track anything, anytime, anywhere (including cars, snowmobiles, boats or other valuable gear).
gen3 snow5
The SPOT Gen3. Courtesy Globalstar.

Since the technology’s launch in 2007, SPOT products have been used to initiate over 3,000 rescues around the world, and close to 1,000 rescues in Canada.

SPOT is available at numerous retailers including AtmosphereMEC, and Sail, and online.

Courtesy Globalstar.