Dream Line: The Life of Ptor Spriceniek

I first met Ptor Spriceniek in Gulmarg, India. He was skiing on prototype bindings he’d build himself that simply didn’t release. I guess that’s the kind of thing you do when  skiing no-fall zones is a regular thing. He went from there on a journey into mythical Zanskar Pakistan, where he needed to be airlifted out after a week or so of epic runs. The kind of runs that come out of your bum, not the skiing kind. Over the years I’ve received the conspiracy-theorist emails from him and watched him constantly transform himself. And there’s little doubt that his life is totally enviable.

One of two people to ever ski Mount Robson, Ptor is a legendary Canadian mountaineer/skier that deserves way more limelight than he gets. But he doesn’t care. As a true mountain man shouldn’t.

According to this Facebook post the movie is premiering in Whistler, at Millennium Place on November 15, 2014. You should go.


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