Coming Soon to Whistler: Ian McAllister and the Great Bear Rainforest

Photo Credit: Ian McAllister/Pacific Wild
Photo Credit: Ian McAllister/Pacific Wild

“Remote” is the perfect word to describe Denny Island.

Situated partway between Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii on BC’s Central Coast, Denny Island is known as the Gateway to the Great Bear Rainforest. Approximately 138 people call Denny Island their home; among them is Ian McAllister, a man who wears many hats, including photographer, conservationist, and writer.

Ian is the kind of guy that you just know has a lot of good stories to share – and the people of Whistler will have the opportunity to hear a few later this month.

Photo Credit: Ian McAllister/Pacific Wild
Photo Credit: Ian McAllister/Pacific Wild

On October 22, the Whistler Public Library will host Ian and his presentation, titled Great Bear Wild: Dispatches From a Northern Rainforest. The event starts at 7 PM, but something tells me you’ll want to get there early to nab a seat.

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Ian is the director of Pacific Wild, a conservation organization that works hard to defend the Great Bear Rainforest’s wildlife and their habitats. The group tackles issues ranging from trophy hunting to clearcut logging to environmentally devastating projects rooted in the energy sector.


These topics will almost certainly be touched upon at the Whistler event, which is just the first stop of the month long tour with stops in Banff, Oregon, and throughout BC (check out the dates here). This multimedia presentation will pair Ian’s words with stunning photographs and video of some of the most beautiful, wild coastlines in the world.

This is an event you won’t want to miss. Trust us – or have a look at the teaser video below to get a sneak peek on the talk.