Canadian Touring Classic: the Swift Kipawa

A canoe is such an iconically Canadian symbol that it’s easy to forget just how much traditional knowledge and expertise goes into the creation of one. Since the ’80s, Swift Canoe & Kayak has been perfecting the ancient art and updating its design and technology.

This past summer we demoed the Kipawa touring canoe in the Wolf Lake region of Ontario.

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The 16’6″ boat is the perfect size for tandem lake tripping. With a secure, large-craft feeling, we also found it one of the fastest canoes we’ve ever paddled. With not a lot of effort, we left our companions’ canoes behind. Portages were a relative breeze, too – the Kevlar Fusion model (with Carbon-Kevlar trim) weighs in at just 37 lbs. And the Carbon Fusion model is only 34 lbs.

John Winters, the most widely published canoe designer in North America, designed the Kipawa.


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