App We Want: Mountain Athletics

Is there anything more humbling than that first day on hill after a rainy fall season? Your legs never seem to be up to the challenge for the first couple of days up there, and you sweat from places that you didn’t even know were set up to make sweat. You plan to be up there all day, but by lunch you’re wondering if anyone else will pull the plug first and you can “reluctantly” follow them down.

The secret is preparedness. You wax your skis and your snowboard: why not your body?

That came out wrong… We prepare our gear in anticipation for winter so it can perform optimally out there. It stands to reason that we should be doing the same for our bodies. If you don’t have the good fortune to have an indoor slope to practice on, or even a community of skiing-minded health nuts, you should probably investigate Mountain Athletics, an app that caters to outdoor living.


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Unlike many outdoor training regime apps, Mountain Athletics is geared specifically toward skiing – on top of General Fitness, there are training schedules for Backcountry Skiing, All Mountain Skiing, and Running, as well as a couple of Climbing regimes. Over the course of 6 weeks, your progress can easily be tracked as you go. All of this cohesive preparedness is not surprising, given that it’s the child of outdoor apparel and gear experts at The North Face. It’s sort of like your butcher choosing the cow he wants to sell to you – you just know it’s good stuff.

Sure, the winter is less than 6 weeks away for most of us, but any training is better than none.