AFTERGLOW — More Sweet Light from Sweetgrass

“Out of every darkness comes light: ideas, creativity, untold experience in the coming dawn. We are dissolved in light, mesmerized and lost in its dance. Its rays themselves a ceaseless wavelength of light and dark, sparks and matter moving in one seamless motion from the dawn of time into the depths of eternity, all the moments and memories blurring into one, constant and silently moving at the speed of light squared.” – ‘Afterglow’

How does Sweetgrass Productions follow up last year’s Valhalla – a hit genre-bender that fired up snow culture with a molten psychedelic core? They return in a blaze of custom-made LED suits for another cinematically profound ski movie that celebrates and transforms the culture. Directed by Nick Waggoner and Mike Brown, ‘Afterglow’ is the result of a partnership with Philips Ambilight TV and Atomic. We asked Mike Brown about the filming process.

“This shoot was one of our most difficult because there was no precedent to follow, says Brown. “It’s never really been done on this scale, so we were stepping into the unknown with all aspects of this production. Working with light gave us total control in sculpting the look of the film, so there was a lot of creative energy to put out once the sun went down, just as long as we could find a way to place our lights and get them running amidst the sub-zero elements.”

Image courtesy Sweetgrass Productions.
Image courtesy Sweetgrass Productions.

Shot on location at Golden Alpine Holidays Sentry Lodge, Alyeska Resort, and the Alaskan Wilderness. Athletes appearing in the film: Pep Fujas, Eric Hjorleifson, Daron Rahlves, and Chris Benchetler.

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