Sleep Synergy for Women

I can imagine the discussion around the Therm-a-Rest boardroom table: “OK, people – we’ve nailed this lightweight camp mattress thing … now why is everyone but us making sleeping bags?” Last year, the company synonymous with the premier outdoor packable mattress finally released a line of bags designed for use in tandem with their signature product.

This was a good idea.

Our tester tried out the new Mira -9C Down, a women’s-specific bag with differential cuts and shorter overall lengths to maximize loft and minimize excess space and weight. The ThermaCapture reflective lining is comfortable next to skin and captures radiant body heat, boosting warmth without added weight or bulk. Fill: three-season-worthy 750+ Down. Weight: a feathery 1 lb 12 oz. Among the cozy features you’ll appreciate on an autumn canoe trip is the built-in Toe-asis footwarmer.

The newly women’s-specific NeoAir XLite mattress  is a revelation and at least twice as comfortable, light and packable as any other mattress we’ve tried. It keeps you up higher than your average mattress, and contains a reflective layer that recycles body heat and creates air pockets that hold warmth. It is pricier than many, but well worth it.

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Marrying mattress and bag together is a stroke of simple brilliance that works. Each Therm-a-Rest bag has wide, elasticized SynergyLink Connectors on the bottom; you blow up the mattress and slide it in here, where it stays snugly, all night. No more waking up on the cold, hard ground, or half-on, half-off your mattress.