Latest Tech Unveiled at Toronto Snow Show

The Toronto Snow Show, happening October 16-19 at the International Centre, will offer winter lovers a firsthand look at the latest maximum-tech winter gear.

Manufacturers have been busy collaborating to create some of the world’s fastest skis and snowboards, and below are just a few examples of the new technologies launching at the Show.

World’s Fastest Skis


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The world’s biggest ski manufacturers will showcase their latest planks. Lighter, leaner, faster – these new skis are unlike anything you’ve seen before. From skis inspired by the human spine (Elan’s Power Spine) to skis tailored for women, this gear will be hot off the presses at the Toronto Snow Show.

Bananas for Snowboards


What does a banana have to do with snowboarding? Everything. Banana technology gives riders excellent maneuverability, but Lib-Tech has taken it a step further this season. Paired with MTX Magne-traction that provides grip and ridge control – these new boards are unstoppable.

Innovative Educational Ski and Snowboard Systems

Expect the MdxOne to make waves at the Toronto Snow Show. A versatile ski and snowboard teaching system that helps toddlers and kids learn to snowboard and ski, the MdxOne was developed by Quebec City native and avid family man Sylvain Matte.

The Snow Show also includes Canada’s largest ski and snowboard swap. All Snow Show details here.

RICHARD ROTH PHOTO. Courtesy Toronto Snow Show.
RICHARD ROTH PHOTO. Courtesy Toronto Snow Show.