It’s Trailer Season!

It’s hard to believe (for example, I just noticed I have a peeling sunburn from a hike last week), but the snowy season is around the corner.  Any morning now, the sun will rise on a thin layer of “the good stuff”, putting all of nature into a state of shock. It’s already happened in Alberta – BC is (fingers crossed) next.

With that in mind, let’s not forget: it’s trailer season! In just a couple of weeks, all of these will be available for public consumption, temporarily feeding our stoke until the gates open on Opening Day, wherever that might be for you.

TGR comes strong out of the gate with the one-two punch of Higher and Almost Ablaze. The former is the grand finale in Jeremy Jones’ trilogy. If early reports are to be believed, Higher is a better look at the realistic side of snowboarding for a living, or even trying to film it. From collapsed tents to bad weather to just leaving the family at home, it’s a reminder that, just like landing the perfect shot, it’s not always perfect on the first try. Things happen.

Hot off the success of last year’s Way of Life (the best of 2013’s crop in my opinion), TGR hopes to replicate this with Almost Ablaze.  The refreshing part of this trailer, isn’t so much the bails (pros make mistakes too), it’s the stalled countdown about 50 or so seconds in (pros psych themselves out too!). A must watch, if only to see what TGR’s skiers have been up to.

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It’s impossible to talk ski films without bringing up The Man That Started It All. Warren Miller Entertainment’s 65th (!) film, No Turning Back, examines the evolution of the sport, and fuses classic footage with areas of skiing no one could have anticipated like BASE jumping and paragliding. No Turning Back looks to be the fun loving team we expect with a history lesson thrown in – edu-tainment at its finest.

We talked about this next trailer last week: the all-female ski movie Pretty Faces from Unicorn Picnic. One look at the trailer should tell you that these aren’t great lady skiers – they’re great skiers, period. Check out the link for last week’s article and the full trailer. You won’t regret it.

Absinthe wins “Best Title 2014” for Heavy Mental.   The intro – a choppers-eye-view of a drop above a lampshade-esque mountain face – had me hooked.  With a glimpse into the urban snowboarding scene and how far it’s come, peppered with the classic backcountry shots, Heavy Mental has something for everyone.

Say what you like about them – the boys and girls at Level One know how to have a good time.  From the outset, it’s all about having a smile on your face, and it’s only once you realise the technicality of some of these moves that these guys and gals must be some of the best showmen on the scene right now. The trailer looks like it was edited by a 6 year old – and that’s not a bad thing. Isn’t that what it’s all about: having fun with your friends?

Last but certainly not least, Nitro’s Bad Seeds might be my favourite on this list. Its a fraction of the length of the rest of these trailers but rest assured it’s concentrated mischief.


Which will you see first? Which ones have we missed? Leave your answers in the comments down below!