There’s no place like h’OMe

Home is where the heart is. But it’s also where the ‘om’ is when the inaugural h’OMgrown Fest kicks off in Pemberton on Friday.

A celebration of whole being, whole food and whole community, the festival will feature three days of yoga, wholesome food, music, nature meditations, educational talks and workshops.

Tanya Di Valentino, the festival founder and director, said she wanted to create an experience where people could access the tools for self-empowerment and the skills to pursue what they believed in.

“In my personal experience, this self-empowerment is nurtured through the energetic integrity of the food that we eat, the connection that we have to nature, the relationships we have with each other and the inner peace and love that we feel in our being.”

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From the top left: Tanya Di Valentino and h'OMgrown teachers Lisa Donovan, Laura Zgud and Rya Letham. Photo by Mike Zgud.
From the top left: Tanya Di Valentino and h’OMgrown teachers Lisa Donovan, Laura Zgud and Rya Letham. Photo by Mike Zgud.

Di Valentino chose Pemberton both because it’s her home and because the community already shares many of the values she had in mind when she developed the festival.

“Many of the people who live here are living the outdoor recreation, mountain lifestyle everyday. They are buying homes here and starting families, growing their own food and sharing it with their neighbors,” she said.

“This festival is drawing upon and highlighting what is already present here and adding to it some innovative and educational opportunities as well.”

The festival will feature an outdoor Abundance Market where attendees can purchase everything from Jules Fuel quinoa breakfast to Rae Kai healing jewelry. There will also be a full schedule of workshops, including Chantal Russell’s “Cleanse and Nourish,” Shahar Rabi’s “Yoga Psycology – A Path to Full Awakening,” and Rya Letham’s “Raw Chocolate Yoga.”

“I am most excited about the looks on peoples faces when they step out of a workshop that just blew their mind,” she said. “That sparkle of lightness in their eyes that are seeing the world with a fresh new perspective of infinite possibility.”

The workshops will feature something for all levels, and Di Valentino encourages everyone—from lifelong yogis to first-timers—to come out.

“If you are at the very beginning of your path to expanded consciousness, or if you’ve been practicing for decades, you will be supported from where ever you are.  Show up and grow!”

h’OMgrown Fest will take place Sept. 12 – 14 with most of the workshops held at the Pemberton Community Center. Register here and check out the website to learn more.