Fast And Furious: 2-Wheeled Drift?!?

With Part 2 of the annual Crankworx over and done with, and a surety that the weather will only be getting wetter and colder, it’s safe to start thinking about exchanging two wheels for two planks (or one, snowboarders out there.)

Even though the biking community is at it rain or shine, there will eventually come a time this year for the season to end. This year, the last day of operations for the Whistler Mountain Bike Park is set for October 13th, and while the Coast Gravity Park is taking bookings, just a quick drive from Vancouver (or YVR for those further afield), it’s still not scheduled for a full open until next spring. And flights can get expensive.  What is a biker to do?

Well, one of our head honchos, Jon Burak, sent this over to the online department the other day, and it could be the underground winter activity you’ve been looking for.


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A quick foray into the insanity of YouTube revealed that this is not an isolated video (there are over 58,000 relevant vids)… although you may want to mute your computer. Warning: Eurotechno music ahead.


Purists – and YouTube commenters, so take this with a grain of salt – argue that only the second video shows true drift, thanks to the pedalling: the first is technically power sliding.  Regardless of technique and semantics, it would certainly add a healthy dose of clowning around into the bike scene. The ones who take themselves a little too seriously could use a bit of pedalling in circles like a maniac.

Imagine it. A group of biker gangs, with pedals instead of ignitions, meeting up after dark to show off their latest underlighting of their tricked-out Konas and Giants. People competing for “pinks”. Rivalries everywhere, with a forbidden love between two racers on opposite factions… This could be the next big thing to hit parking lots and complexes since skateboarding.

Or, it could be one of those oddities spawned by the Internet, like Gangnam Style or Nyan Cat… Neither of which anyone can explain. (Mountain Life is still “down with the kids” though… Do the kids even say that anymore?)

Book your Coast Gravity Park day here. If you want to drift… This is the Internet. There is definitely a video teaching you how.