Clean Winner: Scrubba Wash Bag

A few years ago, I did a month-long hiking trip with friends in southern Alaska. The memories of those four weeks are still fresh in my mind: eternal sunshine, stolen glances of Denali, icy glacial springs. But there’s one memory I wish I could forget: the pungent smell of our dirty clothes. Because we had planned to travel ultra-light, there wasn’t room for more than 1 or 2 baselayers, and our attempts at washing clothes in steams proved ineffective, meaning a month of sweat and grime usually followed us into the tent. Yikes.

I bring this up because it’s one of many times when I could’ve really used the Scrubba wash bag. The Scrubba wash bag contains a flexible washboard, allowing you to wash clothes in under 40 seconds. And, unlike a traditional washboard, it’s small enough to fit in a pocket and weighs just 5 oz., making it perfect for traveling, camping, even small apartments.

The idea for the Scrubba wash bag was born on an expedition to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. When Founder Ash Newland realized that he would only be able to pack a few changes of casual clothes, he hastily built a prototype for what would become the Scrubba wash bag. After realizing how effective it was, Newland launched the Scrubba wash bag on crowd-funding website IndieGoGo. The bag blew through its funding expectations, raising almost $22,525 in pre-orders, and the Scrubba wash bag was born!

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The bag has been lauded by everyone from Forbes to Gizmag to Lonely Planet. And it’s no surprise: using just six simple steps (below), the Scrubba wash bag allows you to pack lighter, travel cleaner and save money on laundry. So the next time I head out on a big trip, the Scrubba wash bag will be coming along, saving me – and my tent mates – from memories of dirty clothes.