BREAKING: Franklin Expedition Ship Discovered

Artist's rendition of Capt. Franklin's ships.
Artist’s rendition of Capt. Franklin’s ships.

In 1845, decorated Royal Navy officer Captain Sir John Franklin left England in May with two ships, the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror. Their mission was to navigate and chart the Northwest Passage, far north in Canada’s Arctic.

Famously, the ships disappeared in the ice, resulting in the deaths of all 129 men aboard them.

For 150 years, historians and experts speculated what happened based solely on the few clues they had. It was found that Captain Franklin died in 1947 from a note left on a nearby island, where the remainder of the crew hunkered down for winter before attempting to walk to any civilisation. Tales of insanity and gruesome cannabalism made their way back to the shores of England, where just 3 years before, thousands waved the brave men off.  As for the ships, full of the latest in exploratory equipment, technological wonders of their time? They were abandoned in the ice, and until this week, were lost in the deep.

It may not look like much, but this could be the missing pieces of history
It may not look like much, but this could be the missing pieces of history. Courtesy

Explorers of our time were astounded to discover what is strongly believed to be one of the ships off the coast of Nunavet. While it does have the capacity to answer some long-forgotten questions, it also opens up a host of new inquiries.

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