On Top With Greenpeace’s Arctic

There’s not a person in the Western world that hasn’t heard of Greenpeace. Maybe you remember hearing of their first campaign – or the fundraising concert they put on in 1971. With headliners Joni Mitchell and James Taylor, the group raised the money needed to protest nuclear bomb testing off the coast of Alaska. Or, maybe you remember their tireless work against whaling, toxic waste containment, or seal clubbing.

It’s fair to say that Greenpeace has had their finger on the pulse of our planet for over 40 years, and now they’re harnessing the power of social media to make their project go that little bit further.  And with last week’s historic discovery, there’s all the more reason for Canadians to care about our Great White North. Their new Save the Arctic campaign is all about you, the reader. With 74% of the world population in favour of Arctic protection, Greenpeace is asking you to call attention to the cause.

It’s called “Mountains and Rooftops’. Using the hashtag #SaveTheArctic, take a picture of the highest point you can find in your area. It doesn’t even have to be that big – stand on a chair in your living room (far away from the coffee table, please). Or, for other inspiration, take a look at their FB post.


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It’s that simple.  Take a picture, tag it, and send it out for the world to see. No one really wants to see your breakfast, anyway. And Eggs Benny can’t save the world.

(Everyone knows that’s Bacon’s job.)