Things We Want: Nanotips Formula

Last winter, we lamented the use of cell phones – specifically, text messaging – as an inefficient and unreliable method of catching up with your shred partners. One of the main reasons is because it takes so much time to take your gloves off, get your phone out of your pocket, send a message with cold hands, and pray to Ullr you don’t drop anything off the chairlift during the whole debacle. Then you have to do it all again when your friend replies. (I swear, if I ever get an “OK” on a windy January day, I will not speak to you for a week.)

But there’s salvation! Nanotips is the cure to all this bother.

Developed in Vancouver by a similarly frustrated Tony, this could be the answer to a lot of problems. This surefire hit in multiple outdoors communities is one of those successful Kickstarter stories, so enough people believe in it (this writer included) to have made it a reality.

This solution is not limited to winter, although you bet your boots it’ll be helpful on the slopes. Cyclists, both motor and bi, and construction workers are just two groups shown in the video above (assuming you watched it. Did you? You should. This stuff is awesome.) It’s easy to apply, it’s cheap (only $20 per bottle) and I bet you can treat the whole family’s gloves with one order. It is semi-permanent but lasts a few months depending on usage. So it’ll probably last you a whole season if you venture out on your own. No friends on a pow day, right?

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