Seeking Sherpas

Last year, the world was treated to seeing a jaw-dropping, POV shot of a 185ft drop by one Julian Carr over the notorious Air Jordan, courtesy of a group of plucky filmmakers.

Anyone in the ski world – hell, anyone in the outdoor sports world – knows of the multiple award winning crew known as Sherpas Cinema. Their last two outings, All.I.Can and Into the Mind, have raised the already high bar up into the stratosphere as far as sports films go. No longer just ski porn, the Sherpas team have injected the idea of a message into their work, and the result is a piece that has you thinking more about the bigger picture rather than the sick drops and death defying avalanches.

Although those are still present.
Although those are still present.

Well, this next part may excite and arouse some readers: the illustrious Sherpas Cinema are looking for new members of their team. To be more precise, they need a Post Production Supervisor and some full-time editor positions. Think you (or someone you know) fit the bill? Ask yourself these questions, taken straight from Sherpas themselves:

 Do you (…) happen to have an obsession with ravens? Would you prioritize a drum kit over a couch if you had to choose? Would you spend a night in the office on occasion for the greater good of the art? Do you by any chance grow an excellent beard? What’s your opinion on drinking and droning? Would you sleep for weeks outside even if it wasn’t even necessary? These are all important questions.

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Due to the high quality and general nature of their product, this is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced. But for the right candidate, it could literally be the opportunity of a lifetime. To apply, click right here for Editor and here for Post Production Supervisor. And to see a rough idea of what you might be getting yourself into, just push play.