MTN Babes Take on Sparks Lake, OR

The MTN Babes summit and strip. Their bare-positive celebration of the outdoors and mountain culture is memorable and daring; and what better way to bring attention to Earth’s wild places?

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 2.29.44 PM
Screen grab courtesy of The Bivy.

Their online numbers are going ballistic, and that’s good for the mountains we love.

The Babes’ body-positive outdoors activism is tasteful, inspired and inspiring. Their new video, courtesy of The Bivy, introduces slow-motion paddleboard spills, bikini tossing, and yoga-with-beer. We all might need a dunk in a cold mountain lake after watching this…

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And here’s a quote we like from MTB Babe Gen:

“The mountains provide me peace. They ground me. They empower me. Being out in the mountains, away and above everything, looking out on a sea of mountain peaks all around me bring on a feeling of calm exhilaration. Climbing difficult terrain scrubs the mind of mundane thoughts and forces me to live in the moment. Constantly learning new skills to go even further gives me a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Being in those beautiful wild surroundings constantly remind me of how privileged I am to be healthy and fit, and to live in such a great spot on this world.”