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Spring McCLurg reviews the Arc’teryx Sarix Sleeveless Shirt. 

Photo courtesy Arc'Teryx.
Photo courtesy Arc’Teryx.

First Impressions & Observations: 

The first thing I noticed about this shirt was the fit. It is designed to fit well, but not tight. Which makes it feel like it’s almost floating over your skin, giving it a very breezy feeling when you run. As it is sleeveless I was concerned about chafing under the arms, but due to the cut around the arms this hasn’t been a problem at all so far, even after a 30km stretch on the trails. The seams also lie flat against your body, which increases comfort and decreases chances of chafing.


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Very lightweight.

Great design.

No chafing.

Not too tight.

Quick drying.


Not a lot of color choices.

Bottom Line: 

This is an ultra-lightweight mesh shirt that will keep you cool and comfortable on the trails.

This is perfect is you are looking for a high performance piece to run the trails or race in. If you need something lightweight that is going to keep you cool, even on the longest run, the Sarix is the piece you want.

The Sarix is available in women‘s or men‘s styles.

The Sarix Sleeveless Men’s.

Ontario residents: Arc’Teryx is opening its first Toronto flagship retail store, located at 339 Queen Street West, between John Street and Peter Street. The 2,817 square-foot store will open to the public on August 23 at 11 a.m.

Ontario customers will now have access to Arc’teryx’s complete line of products beginning with the current 2014 Fall collection. Customers will also have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the company’s innovative and forward-thinking design process via special engagement areas inside the store.