The Aftermath of Ironman 2014

Local restaurant Caramba! shows its support on Sunday evening.
Local restaurant Caramba! shows its support on Sunday evening.

One of the newest and greatest annual events has come and gone, with over 1900 competitors vying to nab the title of one of Whistler’s  IronMan 2014.  One of our local heroes and Mountain Life friends, Shane Reside, has said enough is enough.

“I feel kind of guilty that the first thing that went through my mind was ‘I’m never doing that again‘, Shane said after the race. With only 10 months of training, and finishing 1088th total, it’s easy to see why he’s satisfied.


Some of IronShane’s dozens of fans, including proud parents Judy (top left) and Jim (bottom right).

Reside, dubbed “IronShane” by his many supporters, first entered the race in September after a not-entirely-sober casual remark. His friends coerced him to enter, raised the entry fee, and have been all over social media with custom-made stickers, and t-shirts for race day. “I got a lot of comments from racers and volunteers about what amazing support I had watching. I really couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help. It’s such a positive atmosphere amongst racers anyway, so I can’t say I had a rough time!”

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At the time of this claim last September, he couldn’t swim; on Sunday, he completed the swimming leg of the course in just over 1 hour 35 minutes. His eventual finish time was 9:10:57 – and he sprinted the final few hundred metres before the finish line.

“I thought to myself, “yeah, I think I got it in me to finish this quicker – then I can stop running”… When I got past the finish line, it turned out: no, not really. It took me a minute to regain composure.”


This man sprinted the way here. (The one on the right.) Reside, calmly doing what needs to be done. (Screenshot from

To have not only held his ground, but to also have completed this challenge, IronShane’s is just one of hundreds of stories from people that competed for the first time this weekend. If you meet one such Ironman, no matter where, ask them to tell it to you.

For IronShane’s full story, you can check out what goes on in a trainee’s head through his specially created blog. For a detailed rundown of his times, click here.