Switch on the Porchlight

Drew McIvor_Porchlight2


In the right hands, a tumult of musical precursors will transform into seamless popcraft. And you’ll find an excess of the latter on Ontario songwriter Drew McIvor‘s just-released Porchlight.

On opener “Boogaloo” McIvor wryly name-checks some of the genres on offer: “I got soul, funk, electro-bounce, funky jazz, Motown, bluegrass, world beat…” An unlikely amalgam but somehow it all hangs together, and as the song progresses through its dizzying changes, you can almost smell the perfume and cigarette smoke of a jubilant 1966 Latin Night at a club in Spanish Harlem as scored by Henry Mancini on MDMA. On “45′s and 33′s” McIvor proves his mastery of sunny hooks and compulsively hummable melody in a track with folk-pop and vintage ska elements.

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And globe-crushing single-in-waiting “Just Like the Rain” beguiles the ears with an ascending falsetto vocal line and soul-soaked Hammond organ work.

It feels wrong to pick out just three highlights, since every track is a highlight. Time to switch on the Porchlight. Available for download on iTunes and CDBaby.