Surf-and-Snowboard Trailer Time

It must be almost August – snow season trailers are now appearing. Although Balance might at first appear to be a straight-up snowboarding film, in fact it boasts a broader palette in keeping with the multi-sport interests and grand documentarian vision of Whistler Creek Productions. The surfing sequences highlight the formal similarity between snowboarding and big wave surfing. Athletes include DCP, Terje and Manuel Diaz.

WCP filmed the snow sequences at Eagle Pass Heliskiing, in the heart of the Monashee Mountains, an exclusive tenure encompassing over 270,000 acres, or 1100 square kilometres, of British Columbia wilderness. 

Photo courtesy Eagle Pass Heliskiing.

Known for the remarkably deep snow, the western slope of the Monashees is the first mountainous area east of BC’s Coast Mountains where you’ll find near-coastal amounts of snow with cooler interior temperatures resulting in the incredibly deep dry powder that heliskiers return for.

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This high quality snow, coupled with perfectly spaced trees, open bowls and glaciers of the Monashees, result in what many experienced heliskiers consider being the most exciting deep powder heli skiing in the world.

The Monashee Range is famous for its tree skiing, with huge slopes of naturally well-spaced trees that are perfect for heliskiing and heliboarding.

Photo courtesy Eagle Pass.
Photo courtesy Eagle Pass Heliskiing.

Gliding through continuous openings between 120-foot tall spruce and alpine firs or through massive 800 year-old cedars is a magical experience that stays with you for a lifetime.

Exclusively flying A-Star helicopters  that can land on tighter mountain features, you’ll be able to ride spectacular lines until the natural light or your legs call it a day.