Mountain Life launches 2014-15 ANNUAL

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When we set out to conquer the world, a key piece of the puzzle was to launch a top-shelf national publication for our loyal, über-supportive readers to dive into. Our regional popularity helped us springboard the first iteration of Mountain Life Annual. The response off-the-hop was incredible, and assured us we had made the right decision to publish a magazine of supreme quality and content in today’s online-obsessed world.

“Wow, you guys have raised the bar!”
“Whoa, now this is a nice looking book?”
“The photography is incredible and such interesting content – I was hooked from the cover and the inside blew me away.”

Of course we needed to follow the first issue with something equal or better than the last, and we hope we didn’t disappoint. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s inside the 2014-15 edition.

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Explosive wildlife photo feature from Arctic wonderkind and National Geographic stalwart Paul Nicklen.

James Q Martin and Pat Goodman take us into Venezuela’s La Gran Sabana, leaving their mark with more than just chalk dust.

Andrew Findlay and Steve Ogle go big into JUMBO territory to see what’s up and what’s going down with British Columbia’s proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort.

Leslie Anthony plunges us into the world of Vancouver photographer and cave explorer Francois-Xavier De Ruydts in this stunning, photo-heavy feature.

The Northwest Passage ain’t no cakewalk, as Kevin Vallely finds out during his crew’s exploratory mission by rowboat. Yes, a rowboat.

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