Making Your Ride a Priority


If you haven’t been able to tell, bikes are a pretty big deal around here. Thrashing them down single tracks, gaining major air in the park, and of course, Crankworx is coming up in a couple of weeks, turning 10 this year.

Then there’s also the “A to B” bikers, where the wheels are designed to cruise the village, the Valley Trail, and to meet up with friends at the lake or the Frolf course. These bikers are no less important to the community because they keep the positive feeling alive in this town… If everybody was on crutches, the businesses wouldn’t be moving quite so slick, after all!

The bike today is another Kickstarter campaign, but with the passion of riding in mind. Priority Bikes are simple to assemble and maintain – in fact, they’re being touted as maintenance-free.  The bikes themselves are elegant, thanks to backpedal brakes, 3 gears, and the most interesting adjustment: a belt drive instead of a chain. No more greasy hands or pant legs.

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It’s also designed with comfort as a priority – the seat is super comfy, and the handlebars are designed as such that you won’t get a sore back from leaning over when that ride goes a little longer than expected.

Creator Dave Weiner wanted to get people falling in love with biking again. He’s not a sports superstar, he’s just a guy that loves to ride and it comes out through his video. Looking at the bicycle in a new way has resulted in a more streamlined product that’s perfect for getting around either in a big city, or suburban paradise.  The Kickstarter campaign has far exceeded its goal – now all you have to do is pre-order yours.