Things To Do In Sandals

Warm weather doesn’t last forever (unless you’re insanely lucky and live somewhere where tropical drinks are standard menu fare). Take advantage with some aquatic-minded activities you’ve always wanted to try—just tack them onto your summer bucket list and try to cross one off every weekend. Don’t live near the beach? Don’t worry, there are plenty of wet and wild ideas here for even the most land-locked bikini lovers.

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Learn How To Sail

Even if you can’t tell a mast from boom, there are plenty of reasons to take a sailing class (were not saying new boat shoes are a reason, but we’re not not saying it either). Look for a Sail Canada certified school that can teach you the basics, and stick around for a few more classes to learn skills like star navigation.

Go Clamming

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Taking a coastal vacation? Grab a big bucket, board shorts and some SPF and head for shallow saltwater to pick up a few clams. Find a soft, muddy spot in a grassy area and, using your toes, dig into the mud until you feel a hard lump. Pick it up with your hand and inspect—the best clams for grilling are small to medium sized, around the size of a silver dollar.

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Skinny Dip

Age has a way of improving things, like Teva sandals and skinny dipping with your best friends. The best way to stay stealthy? Go to a desolate lake or beach late at night, and be prepared with easy-to-throw-on cover-ups or giant floating toys to cover up with in case rubberneckers show up.

Make a Rope Swing

The best rope swings are the ones you make yourself—especially since popular ones get crowded in hot weather. Scout out a tree that’s hanging over a deep pool of water (don’t build over shallow, rocky or animal-inhabited water!), find a sturdy, thick branch and tie a durable and natural rope around the branch. Tie large knots at the bottom for hand and feet holds and swing away!

Help Build A Well

We take water for granted—but in many parts of the world, access to clean and safe drinking water is tough to come by. Ask your local pool to help you fundraise to build a well in a developing nation in partnership with an organization like Tin Roof Global. Set up donation boxes at the check-in and snack areas and ask summer swimmers to help out the cause.

Photo courtesy Teva.

Go Stand-Up Paddleboarding or Rent a Canoe

Look for a cheap, used board or canoe on Kijiji or rent one from a local outfitter for the day. Cover up with a long-sleeve shirt and throw on some grippy shoes. For paddle boarding, avoid the beginner stance (straight legs, looking down). Instead, stand with legs slightly bend and your eyes on the horizon. Focus on using your core instead of your arms to propel yourself through the water.

Run Through the Sprinklers

Beat the heat the old fashioned way: grab a friend and tap back into your youth with a sprint through the sprinklers. It’s the perfect way to cool off during white hot afternoon BBQs (even if you have to sneak into the golf course to do it).

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