The Stuff of (Skydiving) Nightmares

Video courtesy of Barcroft TV 

Ever have that dream where you’re 3,000 feet above the ground and your parachute gets tangled, leaving you plummeting to earth with only seconds to figure out what to do? Me neither. But this guy might after finding himself in that exact situation while skydiving in Australia over the weekend.

The man, a Canadian skydiving instructor who asked not to be named, was on a routine jump with Sydney Skydiving when his chute became tangled. Because the chute had been improperly attached, he struggled for a few moments before successfully disconnecting the main parachute and deploying the reserve chute.

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Perhaps craziest of all, the close call wasn’t enough to convince him to hang up his chute. Although his friends called it a day after seeing the video, he went on to complete two more jumps.