Sweetness & Light: Alpine Photography Tour

Photo by David McColm/davidmccolm.com. Courtesy Whistler Blackcomb.
Photo by David McColm/davidmccolm.com. Courtesy Whistler Blackcomb.

Hungry for that immortal shot? Experience Whistler Blackcomb’s green-season alpine through the unique perspective of local professional photographers. Heading up the mountain in the evenings (when the light is best), your guide will provide instruction on how to take the best nature, wildlife and alpine viewscape images. This tour is for everyone – from those shooting with their phone camera and simply looking to capture a few alpine memories, to the more experienced photographer interested in composition, technical/gear issues, and time lapse.

Guide: David McColm

McColm is a landscape and time lapse photographer based in Whistler. While the ever-changing and stunning landscapes of Whistler are his primary focus, he also enjoys shooting in other rugged and unique terrains such as the Yukon and Iceland. McColm shoots almost exclusively from sunset to sunrise with a further focus on capturing the magic that is our night sky – the stars, the northern lights, and the moon. Check McColm’s Whistler time lapse work in Whistler – Deep Sky:

“This short film is the result of three years of exploring Whistler’s amazing mountains, lakes and ‘deep sky’ (including parts of Garibaldi Provincial Park),” says McColm. “After many ‘adventures’, countless sleepless nights and untold frames (from my reliable Nikon gear), I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s around this stunning place I call home.”

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Photo by David McColm/davidmccolm.com

“It’s not an extraordinarily difficult thing”, said McColm in an interview with Tourism Whistler’s Behind the Lens, referring to the process of capturing Aurora Borealis photos. We’d be inclined to disagree. The Auroras only show up in Whistler three or four times a year, and timing and persistence is everything. “I follow the forecasts all the time,” said McColm. “Anytime there is a potential, I am up in the middle of the night to check the forecast.” When his efforts hit paydirt, McColm added: “It was mindblowing… dancing in the sky. It was truly mesmerizing.”

Tours run July through October. More info here.