Gear we Like: Contour ROAM2

Action sports–inspired, waterproof HD cameras are all the rage today: they do everything, and they’re the size of a match box. When you’re testing any number of these contraptions, it’s sometimes easy to get lost in the fray. Every competitor has its ups and downs, design flaws, user-friendly attributes and nifty tricks that make it somewhat unique when compared to others in the segment.

The Contour ROAM2 is no different. It’s a pocket sized, HD capable, waterproof camera that looks cool and does its job. The ROAM2 is the little brother version to the beefier Contour+2, and successor of the original ROAM. It shoots full 1080P crystal clear video, is waterproof without having to fumble with a separate case, and even includes a laser leveling function to make sure you’re pointing the thing in the right direction; a pretty cool idea, if there was ever a time when you’d need it.

The one thing that really separates the ROAM2 from its biggest competitor GoPro is the fact that it’s tripod mountable without a plethora of sticky mounts. And, unlike its ever-popular competitor, it comes equipped with a 4GB microSD card, so it’s ready to go out of the box. As far as price goes, it’s a steal. Coming in at a modest $169.99 (current sale price) it’s not exactly expensive, and given its ability to shoot a beautiful image, makes a lot of sense.

The Contour ROAM2
The Contour ROAM2

However, setting changes are impossible on the go without plugging into your laptop. More expensive competitors in the segment can shoot image bursts, timelapses, and stills – as well as 2.7K and even 4K video, in a wide range of frame rates – with the flick of a switch. In this regard, the ROAM2 specs are a little bit behind the times (though we should remember that the ROAM2 is a minimalist, economy model). So if you’re out and you want to shoot stills with it – which you probably don’t anyway – plan to bring your laptop along.

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But – and this is a big ol’ but – who cares? Unless you’re a professional videographer, or an action sports athlete trying to film a new video spot, chances are you’re only looking to capture memories with some buds. I know we’d all like to pretend that we’re Travis Rice, and we need a 1-million fps camera to capture all of our incredible moves, but we’re not. In all of these respects, the ROAM2 excels: it’s inexpensive, works well, records great quality video, has a long-lasting battery and only has two modes: on and off. It’s like your old man’s TDI Volkswagen Golf – reliable, simple and built like a bomb shelter.

Short and sweet. Thumbs up.

Contour Review from The OSC on Vimeo.


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  1. Exacty my thoughts!
    Have two of them, and they are very good, simple and reliable.

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