Friday Flick: FLOW- The Elements of Freeride

Life is full of distractions. And although we won’t usually admit it, sometimes those distractions bleed over into the mountain, diverting our attention away from the simple joy of biking and just being in nature. Because between GoPros and new edits, sponsorships and flashy contests, it can be easy to forget to look around and admire just how freaking beautiful this planet is.

In FLOW – The Elements of Freeride, we are reminded that when we strip away all of those distractions — when we create a space where rider and nature can become one — it’s magic. Watch as geophysicist Rex Flake rips through the Cascade Mountains of Washington in a video that is as much an homage to the flora, fauna and sheer beauty of the area as it is to Flake’s high-adrenaline style.