Canada Day Hangover Cures

There are few things that are inevitable in this life; the common saying predicts death and taxes. But it doesn’t prepare us for the other sure thing: the July 1st Hangover. Yep, it’s basically unavoidable. And with this year’s Canada Day celebrations falling on a Tuesday, the entire country is going to be a bit sluggish on Wednesday.

Let’s face facts, there is no miracle cure. But here are a few tips to make your day after a little more bearable.

Rest. If I learned one thing in university, it was that nothing cures a hangover like rest. If you can afford to sleep till 3:30 in the afternoon, do it (and rejoice in your current lifestyle, it probably won’t last forever!).

Hydrate. A major cause of your thumping head is dehydration.
“It only makes sense to combat the dehydration by drinking as much water as possible,” says Dr. Ian D.D. Brown of “Particularly before you go to bed, add two more cups of water to your nightly routine.”

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Eat. For many, nothing says hangover cure like a greasy spoon breakfast. But depending on what you order at that greasy spoon, you aren’t necessarily doing yourself any favours.

“Bananas are good for adding the potassium that’s lost during alcohol consumption,” says Brown. “They also add demulcent qualities to help with digestion. Bouillon soup is good for rehydration, and the added potassium and electrolytes lost during a night of drinking. The fructose in fruit juices, and honey has been shown in studies to help the body burn excessive alcohol left over in the body.”

Cleanse. It’s your poor liver that really suffers after a night of drinking. So the less you can do to aggravate it the better.

“The toxic effects of alcohol can cause electrolyte imbalances and place a heavy burden on your liver,” says Brown. “The liver acts like a filter, to detox and process excess toxins. If possible, resist the temptation to take acetaminophen since this will further add to the burden upon the liver.”