The Freerider, Now for Kids

Five Ten’s Freerider Kids packs all the same features as the popular adult-sized Freerider into a form factor that’s perfect for kids. The Freerider Kid’s comfortable fit, breathable suede leather/mesh upper, and supportive cup sole will encourage your mini-me’s to ride, run, and romp all day. Parents will also appreciate the durable Stealth Marathon outsole which provides long-lasting, non-marking, sticky rubber that interfaces unbeatably with platform pedals.


Giving Five Ten the Edge: Stealth Technology
Developed by Charles Cole, founder of Five Ten, Stealth rubber ignited a revolution in rock climbing standards in 1985. The adoption of Stealth as a safety and performance tool for climbing quickly led to other applications. The versatility of Stealth rubber has made it a technical component in extreme outdoor products, robots, and medical devices. Today, Stealth’s new and unique applications continue to further Five Ten’s status as the leader in high friction rubber.

High performance rubber in outdoor sports means either the greatest friction or the most cushioning, often a combination of both. The first Stealth rubber revolutionized rock climbing, and is still considered the best choice of climbing rubber world wide. Now there are more than a half dozen Stealth formulas specifically tailored for a variety of rock climbing styles, as well as compounds that provide unbeatable, extremely technical rubber characteristics for hiking, mountain biking, trail running and water sports.

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Stealth provides a remarkable amount of shock absorption, so it helps minimize foot and leg fatigue. This feature is especially beneficial at the end of a long day of climbing, mountaineering, or backpacking with a heavy load. Stealth rubber compounds are engineered to provide optimal, activity-specific performance on any angle terrain.