Soakers No More

Photo by Andrew Skurka.
Photo by Andrew Skurka.

If you’re past a certain age you’ll remember a time when amphibious footwear didn’t exist. Inadequate early sandals were dangerously slippery on wet rock, and the alternative – tennis or running shoes – quickly became soggy and weighed down your feet (and your mood) with perpetual soakers. And at the end of your paddling day, drying your imperfect footwear too close to the fire led to a BPA-spiked meltdown.

Amphibious footwear pioneer Teva has changed all that. Now you can choose from the sport sandals below to keep you happy and fleet-footed on all your trips and water-heavy endeavours.  

teva-omnium-sport-sandals-for-women-in-brindle~p~1570y_05~1500.2Women’s Omnium Sport Sandal

The Omnium Sport Sandal is versatile enough for all of your adventures, providing you additional coverage for protection, quick-drying materials to keep you comfortable and Teva-tested Spider Rubber to keep you on your feet. This shoe is ideal for sit on top kayaking, river rafting, canoeing, and amphibious hiking.

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-Spider Original rubber outsole for uncompromised grip in wet environments.

-Increased rubber surface contact at the heel and forefoot to maintain traction.

-Multiple openings in the upper allow water to drain freely.

-Integrated toe protection keeps your feet safe in rugged terrain.

-Shoc Pad™ in the heel for shock absorption.

-Non-abrasive and breathable stretch mesh liner.

-Multiple points of adjustment for the perfect fit.

9318-sandalia-teva-kimtah-sandal-marron-p-20035Men’s Kimtah Sandal

Grab the Kimtah Sandal for your on-the-go adventures. The collapsible heel lets you slip in and out with ease, and breathability gets doubled with a roomy toe box and open vents. Waterproof materials, the intense grip of Spider 365 Rubber and an anti-microbial treatment top off this all-arounder.

-Spider365 Rubber sole will hold its grip in all kinds of environments.

-These materials won’t absorb much water, so you won’t get waterlogged while you’re putting them to good use.

-Synthetic Upper.

-A collapsible heel lets you slip in and out easily.

-Microban® zinc-based anti-microbial treatment keeps the stink down.