Ode to the Trail Builder

If you’ve looked at your social media feed lately you’ll probably see a name popping up over and over again: Three Stage. That incredible labyrinth of singletrack where seasoned veterans can still get lost for hours on end. And the reason it’s in your feed? The trails are rideable again. But don’t tell anyone.

Years ago we tried to do a story on the trailbuilders there. We talked to them and they were vehemently opposed to any publicity. Hell, they’re probably opposed to this post too. The reason? Well as amazing as Three Stage is, it’s locked in this grey area of ambiguity. Technically part of the Wasaga Beach park system, it’s actually illegal to build trails there. And it’s not that the Parks people don’t know what’s going on up there… they’re just kind of turning a blind eye. As long as there aren’t major trail developments, huge stunts being built, or giant holes being dug they’re cool with it. And as long as everyone takes responsibility for their own actions (not like this guy), everything should remain hunky dory up there.

So here it is. Our ode to the Three Stage Trail Builders. Thank you. From the tip of our helmet to the bottom of our tires, we salute you. Keep up the good work. You do great work. We’re indebted forever.


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