Kickstarting a Snowman

This past winter, Switchback Entertainment garnered a lot of attention with the second season of their innovative eight-episode Wonder Reels web series for Whistler Blackcomb –  action-stoke married to an impressionistic sense of pure environmental beauty. Pro skier Mike Douglas started Switchback as an off-season creative outlet and it’s grown into an award-winning producer of advertising and film, specializing in emotive, focused storytelling.

Switchback has just launched Snowman – the story of Coast Mountains avalanche bomber Kevin Fogolin – as a Kickstarter campaign.

Kevin Fogolin in the field during production of SNOWMAN. Photo courtesy Switchback Entertainment.

Here’s Switchback on the film project’s background: “Ascending deep into the mountains aboard a helicopter loaded with 500 lbs of explosives, Kevin Fogolin is tasked with mitigating a potentially destructive avalanche that threatens a big-business hydro-electric project. After lighting the fuse and deploying a 50-lb bomb, the unthinkable happens… As the helicopter slams into the mountain, Fogolin knows he is going to die.

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Having spent most of his life trying to break the shackles of small-town expectations, Fogolin finally pairs his career with his passion for snow – until everything is snatched away in an instant. Through a series of events stranger than fiction, he survives, and in the aftermath ultimately achieves the life he and his best friend dreamt of as kids. Snowman is a film about risk, friendship, dreams, family, fear and redemption.” Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.