Gear We Like: Kamik

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These days, a Made-in-Canada rain boot is a rare thing indeed. It’s one of the reasons we needed to demo a pair of 100% waterproof Kamik Jennifers and then follow up with them about the good things they do – beyond keeping outdoor-gear manufacturing closer to home.

In 2008, they launched a product recycling program to allow customers to easily recycle their Kamik footwear, which the company then re-uses in the production of new footwear.

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The Jennifer boot is made from RubberHe – a Kamik-developed synthetic rubber Canadian technology that is 100% recyclable, PVC-free, 50% lighter than natural rubber, 30% lighter than other synthetic rubbers and extremely durable and abrasion-resistant. It is unaffected by temperature, maintaining flexibility and traction in all conditions.

Kamik designs, develops, tests, and manufactures products on-site in North American facilities. One advantage of this is the ability to get product to retailers and customers quickly and efficiently. Over 70% of their products are made in Canada and the US.

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Kamik recently purchased new machines to manufacture their upcoming Elements Collection – a Made-in-Canada line of three-season neoprene boots for men and kids.

The Jennifer comes in a springtime bouquet of colours.

Thanks to Kamik’s Catherine Cook and Gillian Small. 

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