From Squamish to Torre

Arc’teryx Athletes Jason Kruk and Marc-Andre Leclerc travel from Squamish, BC to El Chalten, Argentina – known as Capital Nacional del Trekking – to climb on the legendary spires of the Torre massif. The summit of the notoriously difficult Torre is often covered by treacherous hard rime ice formed by the perpetually strong winds – climbers refer to this cap of ice as a “mushroom” and it has prevented many from reaching the true summit.

Cerro Torre.
Cerro Torre.

To climb well in these mountains, one must have goals beyond the summits themselves. The only guarantees in these harsh peaks are of dynamic rock and ice conditions and the worst weather imaginable. Patagonia Dreamin, a film by AliasCinema, produced by Arc’teryx – is a fascinating and terrifyingly beautiful look into an elemental world of rock and ice where only skill, equipment, and the will to live will save you from certain doom.


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