Friday Flick: Rock Air Water, Ep. 4: Grizzly Bear Bites Back

After an amazing first-ever run via stand-up paddleboards down the Yukon–Northwest Territories’ Little Nahanni River in episode 3, four adventurers – Tim Emmett, Trevor MacDonald, Jim Martinello and Sean Leary – took a few days to get their land legs back. A glorious hike to the Vampire Spires from base camp took pristine wilderness to a new level as they approached the start of a challenging climb.

Later on while they camped for the night, a grizzly tried to eat their only water-based transportation. In the final episode of RAW, the guys run into large four-legged furry things, climb the world-class Lotus Flower Tower and experience the scariest airplane flight of their lives. An epic ending to an amazing adventure in Canada’s true northern wilderness.

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