Friday Flick: Into Perpetual Ice

Navigating through treacherous pack ice for days on end, stranded and forced to sleep out in the open on an iceberg, apocalyptic clouds of biting insects – these are just a few of the trials endured by filmmaker-paddlers Olaf Obsommer and Jared Meehan to get the goods in Greenland’s glacial rivers.

Greenland’s whitewater is clearly not for the uncommitted. After enduring two nights on the berg, the team made it to land with the help of some friendly seal hunters. Several days behind in their plan to paddle the Isortoq River, they had no choice but to wait for the pack-ice to clear enough to get their boat through. Then followed a two-day hike from the river mouth to the navigable sections, most of them largely unexplored and frequently hazardous.

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More details from Jared Meehan here.

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