Could Hand-Held Jet Propulsion Be the Next Big Outdoor-Sport Toy?

We’ve seen propulsion systems used before in the air, to great effect, in paragliders and even as a human jet-pack ‘wing’ in Swiss Pilot Yves Rossi’s über cool flight over the English Channel — a 35-kilometer France-to-England journey that took just 13 minutes.
And then there is the phenomenon of Flyboarding, an invention that caught on the wildfire after former world jet-ski champion Franky Zapata had a eureka moment. The Frenchman came up with the idea of diverting the water jet from his jet ski through a long hose and out through the base of a small surfboard and a pair of hand-held poles. The Flyboard was born.

Sticking to the surface, California company Wavejet figured out how to place a small (and silent) jet-propulsion system inside a surfboard, effectively minimizing the time spent paddling for waves. The system has also been adapted for Stand-Up, although some detractors feel this negates the purpose of the sport altogether.
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But then along comes this. A possible game-changer for those wanting to mix a bit of speed and adrenalin while standing on the water. The possibilities of such a toy could be endless.

“I’ve seen this guy with the jet stick before,” said Adam Evelyn via FB.”I believe Adam was snow boarding. I really hope that they start producing that propulsion system for the public! Imagine paragliding with it you’d have the ability to stay up in the air for hours and you could take off from pretty much any open area no more need for a mountain or a powerboat you wouldn’t even need an up draft.”

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Flyboard World Cup (yes, such a thing exists)

Yves Rossi — the Swiss ‘Jetman’
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