The Fast-Flying Falcon


Five Ten‘s new lightweight clip-in Maltese Falcon has a stiff-but-sensitive shank for balancing cranking power with comfort while hiking, with a redesigned Velcro ankle strap for extra support. An external heel counter boosts stability for technical maneuvers and long rides.

The uppers on the Falcon feature an Action Leather exterior that sheds muck easily, along with a large Velcro strap covering the laces for a secure closure.


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Among its many other pluses, the Falcon boasts a protective toe box and a sold heel cup to keep your foot well in place while you crank away.

And though you can also use these shoes on flat pedals thanks to the uber-sticky Stealth S1 rubber soles, but they are designed to be SPD compatible. (A thick but removable pad covers the cleat recess.)


The Maltese Falcon offers the uphill power of cleated shoes but is also cozy enough to wear while walking. They could even pass for street shoes.