Friday Flick: The New Canadian Air Force

“I’ve seen the impossible done repeatedly in the last decade.” This is one of the many illuminating comments offered by Freeskiing pioneer and “godfather” Mike Douglas in this instalment of The North Face series The Rise. The series of short films by master lens people Teton Gravity Research, Sherpas Cinema, Stept Productions, and Mountain Sports International traces the evolution of Freeskiing as a pro sport, hobby, lifestyle and cultural force over the last 25 years.

In this episode, directed by Canada’s Sherpas, members of ‘The New Canadian Airforce’ including Douglas, JP Auclair and others discuss new skiing styles of the late 90’s, sharing the park with snowboarders, and the birth of twin tipped skis. And how they witnessed what was probably the first-ever backwards launch and landing of a jump (by Vincent Dorion; check out the jump at 2:58).

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