A Happy Lens for Snow

The sleek-lined SPY Bravo goggle with Happy, interchangeable lenses. Available later this year.

A more compact version of SPY’s Doom goggle, the Bravo will launch retail for 2015 snow season. Along with the much-imitated Lock Steady quick-change lens system, the Bravo also features the SPY Happy Lens in a snow goggle for the first time.

This patent-pending technology is a colour- and contrast-enhancing lens that also lets in “good” rays from the sun while blocking harmful ones. Recent studies have shown that long-wave blue light can be beneficial to mood, alertness, and circadian rhythm. Sounds like progress to us. We’ll be demoing these puppies on snow starting next November, but our initial test revealed terrain with renewed clarity and a big boost to vision on grey days (and an uptick in nuance and detail on bleached-out sunny days). You’ll never want to take them off…


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