Preserving a national treasure: How fish oil is helping to save Canada’s grizzlies

Canada’s wilderness is one of the last global safe havens for grizzly bears, which are extinct or at risk of disappearing worldwide. But humans are threatening grizzlies’ ability to survive in Canada because of unsustainable hunting, poaching and the destruction of grizzly habitat due to industrial and recreational development.

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To help protect Canada’s grizzly bears, Nova Scotia–based Ascenta is partnering with the David Suzuki Foundation through its 1% for the Planet commitment.  Ascenta develops natural health products – specifically omega-3 supplements – and is proud to support the Foundation as it advocates for legal protection of grizzlies in BC and throughout Canada, and promotes the creation a network of protected habitat to ensure grizzlies are managed for more than trophy hunting.

The Foundation is working on a grizzly bear mortality science paper, and a policy report will be released in 2014 in anticipation of their submission to the Auditor General later this spring. They are calling on the federal government to work with the western provinces and territories to create strong recovery and management plans that identify and protect grizzly bear critical habitat, and Ascenta fully supports this effort.

The mission of the David Suzuki Foundation is to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and in the future. Ascenta has been partnering with the Foundation on wildlife preservation and other related issues through 1% for the Planet since 2008.

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In 2007, Ascenta was the first natural health products manufacturer to sign on with 1%. In addition to the David Suzuki Foundation, their 1% for the Planet partners include the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, Environmental Defence, and Heal the Bay.

Photo courtesy 1% for the Planet.

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  1. There are hundreds of businesses and nonprofits working together in Canada to create positive change for our big blue planet. Interested in learning more about what’s taking place in the Canadian 1% for the Planet network? Give me a shout–[email protected].

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