Just Push Play: Vintage arcade vibe alive in Collingwood

You’ll find Just Push Play down the alley from the Collingwood arena on Hurontario Street.

Rewind to the late 80’s and I’ll be honest, most of my social life revolved around the arcade. I was never much of a player, but growing up in Sauble Beach, the arcade was where we met, where we kicked off our night, where we were legitimately allowed to be in our parent’s eyes.

Fast forward to 2014 and I’ve just walked through the door of Just Push Play – a vintage arcade in downtown Collingwood. While in this day and age, I can think of many many things I’d rather do than sit on my couch and play video games, setting foot in an arcade is a different story. This place is epic. The old school lights and sounds bombard you, the memories come rushing back and you instantly want to share the experience with your kids, your cousins, anyone who will listen.

And refreshingly, the vintage arcade feel is popular with a new generation too. Conveniently located just down the alley from the Collingwood arena, today’s kids are mastering the classics.

Just Push Play charges on an all-you-can-play model, with a $15 day pass, $10/hour or $5 for 20 minutes. Players can have their hands stamped to come and go if they’re filling time on a rainy day or between hockey games.

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The arcade can also be rented for birthday parties for up to 20 people or you can hire the whole place out for $150 hour.

So stop by, spin some tunes on the juke box, and see if you can beat today’s high score on Space Invaders.

To learn more visit Just Push Play here.

Tucked in behind Moguls, Just Push Play has a great downtown location.
Having grown up in the arcade era, I was just steps into Just Push Play when the memories came flooding back.
Remember this classic?
Located just behind the arena, the arcade gets a fair amount of tournament traffic. With their great $15 all day pass, players wander over between games.
Yep, Coke in a glass bottle. It honestly just tastes better.
Can you get this one just from the graphics?
The one machine I could NOT leave without playing… I still had some strategy going 20 years later.
Players can battle for the high score on their favourite games. Winners get paid in candy and bragging rights.
Classic Pop Shoppe selection on hand
Backed by a side of Nerds and a Pixy Stix.
iPod Schmipod. This place harkens back to the juke box era.
Pretty sure this was the first place I drove…
Classic pinball: Big Ben is from 1974 … although those pants would never give it away.
Behold the multicade: This bad boy holds 412 classic games within – and the folks at Just Push Play also make and sell these units for your games room.
Classic target shootin’
The arcade has games from the 60’s and on. Everything from Dance Dance Revolution to Space Invaders and Speed Racer.