Double Shot: Alija Bos

Muskoka, Ontario native Alija Bos lives in Saskatoon and works as a hydrologist and photographer.

He grew up spending his free time out on the rivers and lakes of Muskoka and Algonquin Park. The calm and relaxing atmosphere that wilderness provided was something he knew he needed in his life; as a result, he pursued a career in the environmental field.

As a hydrologist, Bos monitors surface water quality parameters, streamflow, meteorological data and groundwater quality and quantity. This data is crucial to determining the water balance of a region can have significant impact on the future and current anthropogenic activity and decisions made about conservation. And for a photographer, these unique locations become opportunities to capture environments rarely seen by others.


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“The above photo was taken during a fall water sampling trip with Canada North Environmental in northern Saskatchewan. The helicopter hovered over a marsh, lightly touched down, but stayed powered up to avoid sinking; Jocelyn Howery (pictured) and I jumped out and immediately sank up to our knees. We grabbed our field gear, a small outboard motor and an inflatable zodiac. The helicopter then returned to deliver a sling of gear we needed for our work that day.” Shot with: Nikon D300 10.5mm – F3.2 @1/1000s.


“Photography is all about perspective and light, and for me, seeing the world in unique light and from a new perspective is what I love the most. From the air, this otherwise mosquito-infested and hostile muskeg environment outside of Flin-Flon shows its true beauty. The acidic soils of the arctic and northern regions of Canada are a result of the permafrost, shallow bedrock or clay that prevent water drainage. Small stands of stunted trees grow where land protrudes above the water table, with pools of water stained dark red scattered about.” Shot with: Nikon D300 50mm1.4 @ F4 1/800s.

Alija Bos, self-portrait, flyfishing near Innisfil, Ontario.
Alija Bos, self-portrait, flyfishing near Innisfil, Ontario.