Death and Skateboarding with Michael Brooke

I spent a surreal day yesterday with Concrete Waves‘ Michael Brooke. We talked about prodigies, skateboard legends and considered their legacies. We talked about death, mortality and growing older. It was a heavy day.

It’s interesting hanging out with a guy like Michael; he’s spent more time than most thinking, writing, talking and learning about skateboarding. But his approach to skateboarding isn’t about rules, styles, or what tricks you can do. Thrasher magazine is not his bible. And never was.

Michael will tell you that skateboarding is about freedom: it’s about being open-minded to all forms of the sport, all interpretations of riding on that little four-wheeled plank. And it’s about including everyone that has ever, or will ever step onto a board.

And as I flipped through one of his back issues, his editorial mentioned the Greener Pastures Crew. So I checked them out. They remind me of that downhill segment from Future Primitive all those years ago. They remind me to forget style, forget ‘cool,’ and forget my preconceptions about longboarding. Because the further you try to define what skateboarding is, the further you get from its truth.

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The real takeaway from the day was that none of us have enough time on this earth. Our time is limited. We all need to make the most of it. Skateboarding is about right now. It’s about fun and friendship. And it’s about freedom. It’s about finding your own path.

Forget about what your peers tell you skateboarding is. You don’t have enough time on this planet to give a shit about what they think.

Greener Pastures Offshore – EP1 The Island – Official from Skate Greener Pastures on Vimeo.