Top 7 photography apps for Smartphones

A89T1336Even pro photographers are using smart phones to take pictures these days. There’s nothing more convenient when you’re out in the woods, on the trail or riding the ski lift. And with the unlimited number of apps out there for photography, taking images and sharing them has literally never been easier. Here’s a few apps the pros recommend.

Instagram (free)
If you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years, then you haven’t heard of Instagram yet. Well, this is the photographer’s app. It’s like Facebook without all that pesky reading. Just scroll through photos all day long, and post yours. Their filters are really impressive too.

Snapseed (free)
Snapseed is like the Photoshop of smart phones: well, almost. There are a ton of tools on here to alter your photos: you can straighten, crop, enhance, adjust brightness, add frames, effects and make a whole host of other changes. Save your new image to your photo library then share it via all the usual channels.

Distressed FX ($0.99)
Another photo editor, this one allows you to add texture to your images for an artistic look. Blur effects, adjust brightness, contrast and saturation, increase texture, there’s a lot you can do with this one.

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Vintique ($0.99)
If you want to get that vintage look out of your photos, then Vintique is for you. With 36 vintage filters from old times, to watercolours, there are also 26 retro filters with names like yellow retro and dark sepia.

Mattebox ($3.99)
Mattebox helps you take better images. The greatest thing about this app is its dual-stage shutter release. This allows you to get the exposure you’re looking for, then recompose while keeping all the exposure values locked. There is some great editing software in Mattebox too for once you’ve taken your image.

Timelapse ($2.99)
Allowing you to make timelapses of your favourite subjects, this app allows for full control over the amount of images you take, the frequency of them, and the end product. Plus it whips them into a video file so you can share it easily and quickly. Timelapses are fun to make, they’ve never been this easy though.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris ($8.99)
This app is the ultimate tool for outdoor photography. It allows you to know where the sun and moon will be any time of they day or year. This will help you set up perfect sunset or sunrise shoots. Planning is everything when it comes to photography and for the outdoor shooter, this app is tough to beat.