Gear Demo: ZEAL HD Camera Goggle

The ZEAL HD Camera goggle features a built-in wide-angle camera to capture videos and still images of your view of the slopes, powder runs and epic gaps. ML publisher Glen Harris demoed the goggle in the newly expanded glades of Ontario’s Blue Mountain during a January of record snowfalls. We found the goggle very easy to operate  – especially compared with your average helmet cam – and the quality of the footage speaks for itself. The goggle itself performs as a ZEAL product should – it is fog-free, comfortable and easily adjustable, offering an ultra-wide angle of view plus peripheral clarity and UV protection.

Goggle Features
-Anti-Fog Infused Lens Process
-Impact Resistant Frame Technology
-High Density Lens Technology
-100% UV Protection
-Helmet Compatible
-Dual Strap Adjustments
-Optimum™ Lens.

You'll look like a Cylon, but that's cool!

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Camera Features
-Captures 1080p & 720p HD quality video
-Shoots 12 megapixel HD photos
-170-degree wide angle camera lens
-Camera automatically adjusts for light levels and has infinity focus
-Utilizes an in-goggle viewfinder
-Controlled by glove-ready buttons on the side of the frame
-Rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a three-hour run time, depending on usage
-Easily integrates with all social media outlets to share your memories
-Designed to fit large faces.

In-goggle viewfinder.
In-goggle viewfinder.

ZEAL recently unveiled their forthcoming HD2 goggle: